November 21, 2020

    Dev tips no. 4 - Know who you are

    Align your work with your personality

    We all know there are lots of people unhappy with their work. It is not that easy to find something that meets all Ikigai criteria. I heavily believe that doing something meaningful, fulfilling yet financially rewarding is achievable for lots of people, maybe even most of them. One of the...
    November 11, 2020

    Dev tips no. 3 - No-hello policy

    Hello + ENTER = do not do that :)

    This is another productivity advice that I do not hear often. It is easy to apply and makes a difference for others as well. It is a “No-hello policy”, pretty well described here: No-hello Policy: How not be annoying.
    Tags: productivity
    November 9, 2020

    Dev tips no. 2 - type faster!

    Mastering a keyboard is fundamental.

    The second productivity tip for a programmer is so obvious that I almost never hear about that. I guess we all have read tons of posts about mastering our toolset, languages, time management, and so on. Maybe you have a different experience, but I almost never hear about the need...
    Tags: productivity
    November 8, 2020

    Dev tips no. 1 - get a trackball!

    This geeky thing will make you happy!

    There are lots of tips and tricks that can make our life and work easier. I love them because thanks to simple things I can save lots of time and effort every day. Therefore, I am going to share a few things that work for me. I can be the...
    November 7, 2020

    Jenkins for the smart and lazy

    Automating the automation ;)

    I guess nobody likes creating Jenkins jobs. And probably their maintenance is even worse if done manually. There are a bunch of tools that come to the rescue and I will describe them in a nutshell.